GOO-CON 2019

Moldmaking and Casting
Hair and Makeup
Plaster and Concrete
Props and Costuming
Special Makeup Effects

The Story

About Us


We're the folks from The Engineer Guy. It's been our pleasure to serve the art and industry community for over sixteen years now. Our products are all over the map - literally everything from plaster to lipstick, adhesives to thermoformable plastic, plastics to rubber.  And, it's all under one roof and available to you, with a knowledgeable staff to help you, 

Event History


Goo-Con started off as a little table-top thing in our shop about 8 years ago, then moved to Clayton State University and became GOO-CON about 5 years ago. We moved it to our own space for Number 3 and 4, missed 5 because of plumbing problems we had no good solutions for, and decided over the summer that this simply would not do. 

Event Highlights


We're bringing in a bunch of folks  from the film, television, and industry as well as factory representatives who are happy to share their experiences to help you get better at your craft. 

The best part, though, is the interaction you'll have with others just like you, who attend to learn and to share what they've learned. That's what Goo-Con is about.


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The Engineer Guy

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